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    National mottos

    National mottos

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    End of the world in movies

    End of the world in movies

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    Simulated reality in movies

    Simulated reality in movies

  5. Foremostly, Mr. Dalliard wishes to thank all the nice people who have enjoyed his Time travel in movies flow chart and have been so very nice to him.

    Mr. Dalliard appreciates the criticism as well, and is painfully aware that he might have failed to include your favourite motion picture into his flow diagram, although the comprehensiveness of that diagram has never been a goal of this humble man.

    Mr. Dalliard would also like to strongly recommend you the object of his vivid gratitude, I Love Charts, for it is an inexhaustible source of joy and delight.

    And now, your questions.

    Hi. I was wondering what tool/application you used to generate the Time Travel flow chart?

    Mr. Dalliard used OpenOffice Draw to make the chart itself and Photoshop to add a background and do some additional editing.

    Incidentally, the said background has been shamelessly taken by Mr. Dalliard from Lost & Taken after having been crafted by a certain Brant Wilson, a gentleman to whom our Mr. Dalliard cannot apologize profusely enough for having not given him due credit before.

    me again; you’re close to a MILLION views bro, on the reddit post! GRATS!

    FYI, the makers of Source Code and Looper have been tweeting some feedback on your chart

    Mr. Dalliard cordially thanks you for the tips.

    Could I have the original data that generated the time-travel diagram? I made an open source derivative on github, as username @tlehman, called time_travel_movies. The goal is to allow people to correct and/or add to it, kind of like a wiki.

    Mr. Dalliard is pleased with your initiative yet uncertain as to the format in which you would like the original data to be represented for your convenience. However, all the data present on the flow diagram is available for being manually extracted from it.

    Mr. Dalliard, will your time travel flow chart be available on a t-shirt?

    Although Mr. Dalliard did not hitherto consider producing or distributing any relevant merchandise, should enough people express a desire of such sort, he would have no other choice than to humbly obey and provide an appropriate satisfaction.

    How can we learn about ourselves if we didn’t exist before? Or did we exist before? For instance I, unlike my parents and those around me, discovered that I love bio organic chemistry. How can discover I like something if I have never had any connection with it before?

    Mr. Dalliard is utterly confused.

    And finally, Mr. Dalliard assures everyone that more charts are coming.

    You shall see.

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    Time travel in movies

    Time travel in movies

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